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by Anne

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by Anne

Wow! This course really lives up to its title! Dr. Lynn Chang's calm, friendly, and engaging demeanor instantly helps you to relax and open up to becoming more zen. In this course, Dr. Chang offers great easy to implement techniques and wonderful meditations to help you become more zen, not only at work but throughout your busy life. I'm so glad I took the time to take this course!
by Stacy

Who doesn’t want to achieve Zen at work?

by Stacy

This was wonderful! So comprehensive, cohesive, and healing. The overall feel was incredibly healing and! Each exercise created positive energy flowing within. I’m so grateful for this wonderful experience and beautiful soul who shared it! She is a Master teacher!!
by Jay

Masterful Class!

by Jay

Love hearing about Lynn's approaches to a healthy and fulfilling career!
by Dana

Great Class!

by Dana

I love how clear and simple the techniques are in Zen at Work. I'm excited to apply all of these techniques and look forward to having more joy in my career, as well as being more creative and productive at work!
by Melissa


by Melissa

Full of useful, practical, fun techniques that are effective and easy to implement. Lynn Chang helps people find their bliss and experience more fulfillment at work. Highly recommended!

Course curriculum

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    Let's get started!

    • Introduction
    • Technique #1: Gratitude
    • Inspirational Quote (PDF)
    • Inspirational Song (YouTube link)
    • Technique #2: Intention
    • Everything is Energy
    • Technique #3: Visualize
    • Flood Your Cells Meditation (YouTube link)
    • Love Cloud Meditation (YouTube link)
    • Heart Meditation (YouTube link)
    • Technique #4: Energize
    • Just Dance! (YouTube link)
    • Untech Your Neck yoga pose (Youtube link)
    • Bread and Butter yoga pose (YouTube link)
    • Waterfall yoga pose (YouTube link)
    • Putting It All Together & Summary
    • On a Personal Note