Fulfillment, Balance, and Zen.

You really can have it all!

Design your ideal life with meaningful work and enjoyment each day. Zen University gives you the wisdom to make informed career choices, plus spiritual inspiration to stay zen. 

These are all lessons we should have been taught in school. Because they weren't, many of us are confused, worried, and nervous about making a mistake. 

Learn from Dr Lynn Chang what to do and what not to do. She's here to help you find your zen at work!


Welcome to Zen University

If you've been feeling unmotivated at work and sense there must be more out there, these courses are for you! Learn the profoundly zen way of moving beyond fear to listen from within what it is you truly want. Dr. Lynn Chang of Career Zen uses a holistic 'East Meets West' approach to career guidance. With over 20 years of experience, she has helped thousands of people achieve insight and fulfilling work.


When stressed, our minds like to take over and try to figure out our next move. But what if the answer wasn't in your head? What if it were an intricate dance of flowing in and out. Reflecting, exploring, feeling, and trying... this is the East Meets West approach to career fulfillment!
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These courses will teach you

  • Eastern Wisdom

    Sometimes you can't "think" your way to the answer. Sometimes the answer naturally comes to you when you release judgment and expectations.

  • Western Knowledge

    Resumes and LinkedIn profiles need to be updated every few years. Careers are always evolving. Learn the tools to stay connected and networked!

  • Trust in Yourself

    When you take a moment to pause from the noise, you can be honest with yourself. What's really in your heart? They're part of your answer.

Who are these classes for?

  • If yoga and meditation have improved your life and you'd like to see how it can help your career

  • If you're confused and frustrated from asking the same career questions but not getting the answers

  • If you'd like to tap into your inner peace and zen because you feel burnt out or stressed from work

What Others Are Saying


You Can Trust Yourself


"Dr. Chang is absolutely amazing, knowledgable, but overall full of kindness, something that makes you feel that there is a way to fulfill your dreams and that you can trust yourself.”

Really Great Information


"This course is extremely useful! It is full of really great information that I can put to use right away. Lynn Chang is warm and engaging and imparts her vast knowledge of this topic clearly and concisely. I look forward to more courses from Dr. Chang in the future!"

More Peace and Joy


“Dr. Chang is incredibly insightful, knowledgable and full of joy! She leaves everyone more peaceful than she found them.”

Fantastic Class!


"Dr. Chang is so great at what she does and it really shows in this course. She is a wealth of information, from the obvious stuff to the stuff that is deep down inside us that we are afraid to look at - she gets it!!"

Finding Your Calling


"Dr. Chang is a master at what she does. She really helps you connect to your inner-self and brings out what is calling. She truly is a zen career master."

Great Information!


"Super helpful course that is a useful guide for anyone looking to change their career direction, or just be more introspective about their current career. Dr. Chang is succinct, insightful and warm. The course is very well organized and clear! Would definitely recommend this!"